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ackoff artwork - dog netsuke

Dog Netsuke

Medium: Silverpoint on tinted gouache ground. Size: 3.5 x 2.25 inches.

This is a drawing of an ivory netsuke. Netsuke are small sculptures common in 17th century China, and were used to secure pouches worn by men. A unique feature of netsuke is that they are carved from every angle. So on the bottom of this carving, you can see the toes and other details. Netsuke are also characterized by two holes, through which a cord was passed. I bought this netsuke from a small gallery when I was visiting New York City in 1997.

You can see the is fine hatching I use to create tone. This is an older drawing, and it is brown from the silver having tarnished.

©2007, Karen Ackoff.